About Us


Our team possesses decades of experience with quantitative analysis, derivatives trading, and portfolio management. We understand market mechanics, are proficient in mathematics and statistics, and have the ability to deploy rapid machine learning in evaluating your best trading algorithm concepts. With access to some of the most sophisticated analytics software and data sources available, we consider ourselves experts in creating meaningful reports with respect to complete algorithmic trading systems for our community of researchers, existing traders, and future market participants.


We aim to serve two private constituencies:

  1. The individual who is trying to test viability for one or more automated trading strategies, or who is embarking on proprietary trading, or forming a trading vehicle to profit from trading strategies.
  2. Traders already in the algo trading arena who may need additional ideas for existing automated trading portfolios.


We attempt to give well-researched, solid analytics with all of your ideas for the brave new world of automated trading. Our experienced researchers will begin to explore your concept’s viability. You will be offered tips to get started to make your concept a reality.


We send you a completely documented Test Results and Analytics Report. An expert trader / researcher of fully-automated trading systems will utilize his access to multiple, sophisticated backtesting software applications to share with you:

  • Backtested performance numbers of the version of your concept we understood from your submission using relevant assumptions.
  • Relevant charts and tables showing your concept’s hypothetical performance.
  • Subjective viability analysis based on our understanding of the concept.
  • Helpful recommendations, suggestions, and tweaks to the initially-submitted concept for your consideration.
  • Suggestions for the appropriate applications as well as the top trading software you might consider to start live-trading the concept as required.


Our online submission form transmits your concept for an algorithmic trading system to our team. By submitting the concept, you give your assurance that the submission is your original concept and work. You must agree that you give us the unencumbered right to utilize the info, or any derivation thereof. We require the right to use the submission in any way we see fit for our recommendations to our network of market participants – including ourselves - who perform automated algorithmic trading.

*We reserve the right to reject generating a report on any concept submission received for any reason.